Tutor Qualifications

Tutor Qualifications

All of tutors are full trained in our course material and receive a minimum of 16 hours of training before becoming a Certified UROK Tutor. Tutors are required to have a minimum of at least two years of study at an institution of higher education, an associate’s degree or higher, or one year of education-related experience prior to hire.  We assess all of our tutors to determine their appropriate instructional level.  In addition, UROK provides additional intervention training for working with Students with Disabilities and English Learners to qualified staff for use in small group and 1:1 settings.

Background Checks

Prior to working with students, all UROK employees are required to be tested for TB and complete a current background evaluation with fingerprint submission conducted by the CDOJ/FBI with subsequent arrest notification through LiveScan®.  Background results are reported electronically (FBI/DOJ) through security access procedure provided by the DOJ to UROK management.  Reporting procedures for this process vary from Local Educational Agency (LEA) to LEA and are based on the rules and regulations established by the LEA(s).  UROK will comply with all requests by the respective LEA(s).  UROK submits updated LEA documentation monthly to ensure compliance.

Program Training

All staff is required to complete our extensive training program.  The training structure for all UROK programs is based on the utilization of modeling, guided practice and independent practice.   Instructors are provided all materials needed for instruction, including the appropriate Teaching Manual and the corresponding student folder and coursework.  Tutors also have access to office training staff by phone, email, or in person when questions arise about how to handle certain situations or regarding program implementation.  Returning staff are required to attend a mandatory retraining yearly, which contains a general review and addresses any new procedures.  All tutors are required to sign the Procedures and Regulations for the year, which states that they will abide by all state, district, and company requirements.

During our 14 to 20 hours English Language Arts training program, participants develop a core knowledge base in phonological and phonemic awareness. Participants learn an array of activities to include: sound production, built-in review, introduction of new ideas, tracking, repeat reading, cloze procedure, response to text, and reading comprehension.   During the additional 10 hour REWARDS Training Program, instructors learn to teach students how to break words into decodable chunks, read long words in content-area textbooks, read accurately, quickly and with confidence.  They also learn the best methods for increasing oral and silent reading fluency, improving overall comprehension. Accelerated Math tutors are required to have an extensive ability and background at their instructional level of math. Each math tutor receives 4-10 hours of professional development and training in Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Math program.  Tutors also receive ongoing support from supervisors.

In addition to the program element, tutors are also trained on the administrative component.  This training includes learning how to properly administer assessment tests, complete required forms (i.e., progress monitoring and reporting), and perform other timekeeping procedures accurately.  Instructors have ongoing developmental meetings with their District Coordinator on a monthly basis.  Important topics are discussed during these meetings, such as student status (attendance, engagement, progress) and curriculum/program implementation questions.  This is all done to ensure that our programs are is implemented with fidelity and that students work towards mastery of goals, which will lead to increased student achievement in the classroom and during each tutoring session.