Sound Symbol Assessment

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The Sound Symbol Assessment is a norm-referenced phonemic awareness test.  It covers 122 test items, including 41 phonemes and the most common graphemes.  The classroom package includes materials for 10 students.

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Now available for purchase for the first time!  UROK’s Sound Symbol Assessment is a norm-referenced phonemic awareness test.  It has been administered to over 9,400 students across the country.  It was developed by the top speech pathologists, reading specialists, and clinical psychologists at Calgary Academy by combining the best elements from the most successful reading programs from around the world.  Calgary Academy is a worldwide leader in specialized academic programming and was opened in 1981 for students with learning disabilities. Calgary Academy used all of their research and resources to develop the Sound Symbol Assessment and the Literacy Links Curriculum.

Test Purpose:

  • Test student’s knowledge of phonemic awareness
  • Covers: 122 test items (including 41 phonemes and the most common graphemes)
  • Covers: Consonants, Vowels, Consonant –le, Control R’s, Diphthongs, and Word Endings/Beginnings
  • Identifies exactly where students are having difficulties
  • Broken into subsections, so you can target areas of improvement

Test Procedure:

  • Must be administered individually in a quiet setting
  • Student is shown a flashcard with a phoneme on it and asked to provide the sound. (EX: “p”)
  • Back of flashcard has the phonetic symbol and an example word for the tester. (EX: /p/ ‘pat’
  • Tester marks if the student does not know the sound or mispronounces it
  • This is repeated for the remaining test items


  • Tally up test items missed under each subsection
  • Tally up total of all subsections for overall total
  • Refer to scoring sheet to get student’s phonemic awareness percentage (%)
  • Norm-referenced: includes chart for percentile ranking by grade level

Testing Time:

  • Test typically takes 20-30 minutes to complete

Applicable Ages/Grades:

  • Ideal for ages 5 to 9 (grades K-3)
  • Can also be used for ages 10-18 (grades 4-12) for students struggling with reading or reading below grade level
  • Also great for English Language Learner students and Students with Disabilities

Research Based

Classroom Package Includes:

  • 1 set of Testing Flashcards & Instructions
  • 10 copies of UROK’s Sound Symbol Assessment (USSA)
  • 10 copies of Scoring Sheet (Phonemic Awareness % and Grade Level Percentile)
  • Online training videos on how to correctly pronounce all of the test items

To try out a sample of the online training videos, click below (this section demonstrates the vowel sounds):

For any other questions, call us at 1-877-358-9999 or e-mail us at


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