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Now available for purchase! Literacy Links is the one of the best reading intervention program available today.

Literacy Links was developed by the top speech pathologists, reading specialists, and clinical
psychologists in the country at Calgary Academy by combining the best elements from the most successful reading programs from around the world.  Calgary Academy is a worldwide leader in specialized academic programming and was opened in 1981 for students with learning disabilities.  Its foundation was built by searching across all of North America for the best teachers and programs available.  Calgary Academy used all of their research and resources to develop the all-inclusive Literacy Links Program and Sound Symbol Assessment.  The program can be completed in only 24-30 hours. Students improve an average of 27% on phonemic awareness and 1.0 GE in reading after completing the program.


  • Clinically proven to help students become better readers or to remediate older readers who failed to acquire these skills in earlier grades.
  • Develops phonemic awareness and helps students make the sound to symbol connection.
  • Students begin at their own developmental level and proceed as quickly as possible through all of the concepts.
  • Dynamic and engaging program with the flexibility to focus on an individual student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Each lesson has built in review, so complete mastery is not required to move onto future lessons.

Learning Modalities:

  • Engages the four processors of Adams’ Four Processor Model (orthographic, phonological, meaning, and context).
  • Material includes tactile, visual, and auditory methods of learning.
  • Students learn an array of activities, including sound production, built-in review, new ideas, tracking, repeat reading, cloze procedure, response to text, reading comprehension, and more.

 Lesson Structure:

  • 24 individual lesson plans with defined scope and sequence.
  • Each lesson begins with built in tracking to review past material.
  • New Idea with each lesson (Example: Consonant Sounds, Control R’s).
  • Student completes workbook activities.
  • Each lesson closes with tracking to review new lesson and past lesson material.
  • To review a sample lesson, click here.
  • To review sample student workbook activities, click here.
  • To watch a sample lesson, click here

Applicable Ages/Grades:

  • Ideal for ages 5 to 9 (grades K-3).
  • Can also be used for ages 10-18 (grades 4-12) for students struggling with reading or reading below grade level.
  • Also great for English Language Learner students and Students with Learning Disabilities .

Proven Results:

  • Over 9,400 students across the country have completed the program and have showed impressive gains!
  • On average, students gain 27% in phonemic awareness and 1.0 grade levels in reading!
  • Click here for more research and data analysis


  • 10 student workbooks

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