Private Tutoring FAQ’s

What’s included in the free consultation?

During the in-home consultation, we will administer some pre-assessments to figure out your child’s academic level.  We will discuss the specific areas that your child is struggling, as well as go over the different programs we offer and which one we think would benefit your child the most.  The free consultation is a way for us to get to know your child and see how we can best help them succeed in school.  We don’t have any contracts, so you won’t be pressured into buying anything.  If you do decide you want private tutoring, we will create a customized learning plan.

Is there a contract?

There is no contract, so you can stop tutoring at any point.  We do require payment for the package you select before tutoring starts.  The first 5 hours are non-refundable since it includes testing, set-up, and materials.  However, if after 5 hours, you no longer want tutoring, any unused hours are refunded.

Why should I choose UROK over another tutoring company?

UROK Learning has been providing tutoring for over 10 years and have worked with thousands of students.  We have carefully chosen our programs for their proven track record for increasing academic achievement.  Our 1 on 1 tutoring gives your child individual attention and provides a comfortable atmosphere for your child to receive maximum benefits.  Other companies charge more per hour for instruction that is not customized to your child and is often time in a group setting.  Some require contracts and even charge for materials.  With UROK, no contracts are required, you can stop at any time, and all materials are included.  We offer individualized instruction that targets your child’s specific needs.  Tutoring is available every day of the week, so there is a lot of flexibility in finding a schedule that works for your family.

How many hours do you recommend?

We have found that 2 hour sessions are the most beneficial to children, however depending on your child’s needs, we may recommend 1 hour or 1.5 hour sessions instead.  We also recommend at least 2 sessions per week for maximum improvement, but this is all very flexible depending on your child’s needs.  Children that complete at least 20 sessions benefit the most (often times increasing 1-2 grade levels!), but you’ll notice improvement after just a few sessions.

What qualifications do tutors have?

Our instructional staff varies in background from undergraduates to credentialed teachers.  All of our tutors go through extensive training in our programs to become Certified UROK Clinicians.  We also have credentialed teachers on staff that oversee all of our tutors and to ensure proper alignment to Common Core Standards.

Do you require background checks?

All staff and tutors complete a fingerprint background check with the state and the FBI before starting with students and they are continually monitored to ensure your child’s safety.

Are bilingual tutors available?

We always have bilingual tutors in Spanish.  Please inquire if we have any tutors available for other languages.   We have found it best that tutoring take place in English for maximum benefit, but we are able to accommodate bilingual sessions if your child needs it.  We also have Spanish speaking staff to answer any questions you may have.

Do you provide tutoring to children with Special Needs?

Our programs were originally developed and selected for students with learning disabilities.  Our programs are designed and chosen for their highly-flexible tools.  We have a lot of experience working with students with special needs and work closely with you to find a great tutor match.  If available, we will review your child’s IEP or 504 plan and set goals based on the information provided as well as our pre-assessment results.

What assessments do you use?

For ELA, we use our norm-referenced Sound Symbol Assessment, the Woodcock Johnson III Reading Assessment, and sometimes additional tests depending on your child’s level.  For Math, we use the STAR Math Test.

Do you provide Learning Plans?

During our first session, we will administer our pre-assessment tests and will also discuss report cards, teacher notes, and any other areas where your child is struggling.  Together we will work with you to create a customized learning plan for your child. We also monitor progress throughout tutoring, so we can adjust and create new goals as needed.

Are your programs aligned to Common Core?

All of our programs are aligned to Common Core standards, so tutoring will align with what your child is learning in school.   Common Core Standards can be confusing, so we can also provide additional support if you need help understanding them.


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