Reading Comprehension

Struggling to understand when reading is not only frustrating but can cause academic failure and can potentially crush a student’s self-esteem.  Our Reading Comprehension tutors use both time-proven and innovative strategies that will train your students to become effective readers. Through modeling schema, activating prior knowledge and putting reading passages into relatable contexts tutors give struggling readers a platform on which to better comprehend texts.  Tutors use scaffolding, or “fill-in-the-blank” techniques with students to assist in the recalling component of the comprehension process.

Additionally, students choose books that they find engaging from which to practice reading with their tutor or to read from during sustained silent reading. Incentivized goal-setting makes the process exciting and rewarding!

When utilizing these Reading Comprehension strategies over the course of one school year with a class of at-risk students, an average gain of 2.4 Reading Levels was achieved! View Data Analysis here.