Literacy Links

literacy-linksLiteracy is the foundation for all communication and learning. Students who experience early and continued reading difficulties have decreased exposure to learning opportunities, less motivation to learn, and poor self-images as learners. Our goal is to teach Literacy using a simple, fast-paced method that will get students on track and feeling positive about themselves and their abilities as learners. Literacy Links is a highly effective, highly comprehensive program that rapidly moves students through the concepts of decoding, or understanding the relationship between letter symbols and sounds. While there may only be 26 letters in the English alphabet, there are actually 44 phonemes (or sounds)! Using symbols and visual aides, students are taught to decode phonemes and blend them together to create words.

Literacy Links programs are available for all ages beginning at Kindergarten, and can be differentiated to accommodate all types of learners. Though the program is designed to move learners along at a fast, comprehensive pace, instructors will ensure that students are fully grasping all concepts before advancing, which is not always the case in the classroom.

Literacy Links’ success rates have been astounding. One teenage student who initially tested at a Kindergarten reading-level at the beginning of the school year improved her score 4.7 grade levels at the end of the very same school year! On average students’ gain two to three grade levels upon the program’s completion. Check out the data for yourself!

Literacy Links Partial Map

UROK is an approved Supplemental Educational Services (SES) provider, thus Literacy Links can be provided to your family free of charge. Supplemental Educational Services are additional academic instruction provided outside of the regular school day and designed to increase the academic achievement of students attending schools in Program Improvement (PI) Years 2 through 5. SES, or free tutoring, must be high quality, research based, and specifically designed to increase student academic achievement. Eligible students are all low-income students who attend Title I PI Years 2 through 5 schools.

The image to the right shows a small sample of the connection pieces identifying phonemes learned in our program.  If you’d like to view the complete connection piece map, please email us at

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