Company History

Our History

UROK Learning Institute has been providing tutoring for over 15 years!  We offer various curriculum available for purchase as well as private in-home tutoring.  We offer support for all grade levels in Reading, Writing, Math, and more! Tutoring is available every day of the week, including weekends, so scheduling is flexible, working around your family’s busy schedule and bilingual tutors are available. We have experience working with students with disabilities and English language learners.  UROK offers individualized instruction that is aimed at increasing your child’s grades, test scores, and confidence level! Over 95% of our students reach or exceed goals. On average, our students increase 1-2 grade levels! We want your child to reach their full potential and we strive to give them the motivation needed to excel for the rest of their lives. Please call us at 1-877-358-9999 or Contact Us online for more information!

Our Philosophy

Our primary goal is to improve student’s reading and math levels, their study habits, and self-esteem through achievement and mastery.  We want to help improve the reading epidemic facing our nation by creating a strong reading foundation in students that will lead to lifelong learning and passion for education.  In addition to improving success academically, we want to encourage students to become strong, compassionate, and confident leaders in life.

Our Programs

UROK provides individualized, one-on-one instructional services to students struggling with LiteracyReading ComprehensionMath and essay-writing. Our expert instructors create unique curricula based on data-driven best practices and each child’s specific needs, focusing on their deficiency while also tapping into their strengths in order to provide confidence and encourage success in all academic areas.

UROK’s Discovery program prepares students to be responsible, respectful members of the global community. Students explore social issues in context of their own lives. Participants are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences pertaining to each topic, serving as a catalyst to eye-opening discussions that often allow students to realize that despite our differences, we are all going through similar experiences.

All of our curriculum is supported by Common Core State Standards.